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Agility Training

November 2006 litter due out of our of Champion Gemstones Ebony Angel, HIC. and Nighthawk's new import "Baxter" Crusade Encore Von Shane.

Most dogs love agility and agility bonds owners to their dogs. Introduction to Dog Agility

I usually start my puppies off at around 8 weeks old with very simple things. Like laying a broom stick down and having the pup walk over it with the command of "over" followed by plenty of praise and a treat. I don't like to use treats too much because some dogs won't listen to you if you don't have treats. I like to start off with treats and praise combined until I see that the pup has got the idea then I wean them off of treats until their only reward is my praise.


As the pups get older I raise the height of the broom stick but only high enough that they can easily walk over it (don't have a puppy jump it can cause serious damage to their growing bones) This teaches them hurdles. I will also take the pups to the park (only after they have had all their shots) and place them on the play ground equipment to get them used to heights. Some dogs get scared and hold onto the ground for dear life just be calm and praise them when they are calm and eventually they will like heights.


I don't actually have my dogs jumping until they are two years old but they do get prepared for the agility equipment at an early age.


Agility dogs are happy healthy confident and brave.

Have fun with agility!


Lexus Agility Lexus Agility Lexus Jump Vita



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