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Astrology for Dogs


Aries: March/21 – April/20 Bold and adventurous

Dogs: These guys love to explore every inch of their environment, they love to be leaders and will usually not tolerate other dogs and will try to dominate every pet and person of his pack.

Cats: these guys are loners and like the Aries canine the Aries feline is also very dominate towards other life forms, and probably carry the battle scars of many a scuffle over territory.


Taurus: April/21 – May/21 Placid

Dogs: The Taurus dog makes a good guide dog, he is loyal, easy to train, good with children, and kind in nature. They tend to become overweight, they love food and music.

Cats: The Taurus kitty like the dog has a love for food, good food, and may become finicky, they love to be pampered and tend to have beautiful eyes.


Gemini: May/22 – June/21 Intelligent, entertaining, quick to learn

Dogs: The Gemini doggy gets bored easily and must keep their minds going, they can never settle down and love new environments.

Cats: The Gemini cat is easily trained, talkative, very intelligent, and they tend to have good eyesight.


Cancer: June/21 – July/21 Sensitive

Dogs: The Cancer canine is very sensitive and doesn’t take punishment well and will be upset for days. They thrive on a calm and stable environment and do not like change. They don’t like to be left alone. They need constant reassurance that you need them, they tend to make good parents, and good with children and as they see it they too are a child. These guys love to play in water.

Cats: These Cancer cats tend to be lazy in the day and very active at night. They are very vocal, they need attention, and they and they choose flight over fight.


Leo: July/22 – Aug/21 outgoing, gregarious, need to be admired

Dogs: The Leo dog is King or Queen and is confident and fearless. He is proud and he thinks he must be the center of attention at all times. He is fiercely loyal and makes an excellent police dog or guard dog. They love attention, exploring, curious, and are born leaders of the pack.

Cats: The Leo cat tends to be healthy, they are usually of long hair. They love to be pampered and wear an attractive collar. They are outgoing and loyal.


Virgo: Aug/22 – Sept/21 Conscientious, clean, love to work

Dogs: The Virgo dog is clean, hygienic, loyal, finicky, and well behaved. They like a routine and expect everything in their routine on time. They love to work and will do it all day.

Cats: Virgo cats are fussy and will accept only the best. They have sensitive skin and can have allergies. Like the Virgo dog the Virgo cat needs a routine to be happy with everything on time or she will be letting you know about it. These cats are always clean, they are not the best mousers because they tend to want to play with the mouse rather than kill it.


Libra: sept/24 – oct/23 dignified

Dogs: Libra dogs are very persuasive and manipulative, these guys get lonely when your gone and enjoy the companionship of other dogs. They have expensive tastes, and they can be very stubborn. They need their environment to be peaceful to be happy.

Cats: The Libra cat is indecisive and finicky. They have high expectations and things are usually never good enough for their standards. They also tend to blend well with their surroundings.


Scorpio: Oct/24 – Nov/22 Loyal

Dogs: Scorpio dogs are loyal and they expect that back from you. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. They also tend to make good tracking dogs and breeding dogs.

Cats: Scorpio cats are mystical and mysterious; they are telepathic to your thoughts. These kitties tend to be black in color.


Sagittarius: Nov/23 – Dec/21 Active, brave, bright, entertaining

Dogs: The Sagittarian pooch is hyper active when young but tend to calm down a little with age. These guys are brave, reliable, full of character, trustworthy and tend to work well with the blind.

Cats: The Sagittarian cat often finds herself in trouble like getting stuck in a tree. They like affection in moderation, they love their freedom. This cat chooses her friends wisely and refuses to mix with the common cat. They are attractive and energetic.


Capricorn: Dec/22 – Jan/20 Distinguished

Dogs: Capricorn dogs are very distinguished and ahead of their time, they do well in the cold and love hard work but they like to take their time, they are stubborn and ignore your commands.

Cats: These Capricorn cats will come to you for whatever they need then walk away, you are there to serve her and only what she tells you nothing more and nothing less. They tend to prefer the wild life to the domestic life.


Aquarius: Very energetic

Dogs: The Aquarian canine is eccentric and is more human than dog; they love their freedom and love to walk off leash. They also love the limelight. They like the sound of their own voice.

Cats: The Aquarian cat like the dog is also eccentric, she has a bird who is a best friend and enjoys playing fetch. This kitty is independent, they are not particularly affectionate, and also enjoy the limelight like the Aquarian dogs do well in TV. Like the dog they like to meow to hear their own voice.


Pisces: Feb/20 – March/20 Sensitive to feelings

Dogs: Pisces dogs contain a little piece of the other eleven zodiac signs. They can’t ever make up their minds, they may like fish, keep an eye on paws and ankles because Pisceans tend to be weak in those places.

Cats: Piscean felines are haughty and easily offended, they like nice things and beautiful collars. They are intuitive to your emotions, yet they often don’t know what they want but they know they want it this instant.



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