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ULTIMATE ROTTWEILERNew 2nd Edition! Experts from Germany, Britain, and the US provide comprehensive coverage of this popular breed. Includes origins and development of the breed, the standard in detail, a judge's view (three judges make a pictorial critique of 6 different dogs), training and socialization, detailed information on feeding, genetics, health care and inherited conditions, a special feature on breeding and rearing Rottweilers, with photos tracing a litter from birth to eight weeks. More than 200 full color photos.






The information you need to raise a happy and healthy Rottweiler. Includes material on choosing and purchasing a puppy, training, nutrition, health care, grooming, some basic genetics and breeding, health problems that are specific to the breed, canine behavior in general and Rottweiler behavior in particular, and much more. Illustrated in full color.






ROTTWEILER: CENTURIES OF SERVICEGives potential owners, new converts and veteran Rottweiler lovers all they need to know about this handsome working dog. There are chapters on history, character, finding the right Rottweiler for you, basic care, understanding the breed standard, health, breeding, the various sports Rottweilers can participate in, and more. Includes useful resources, important pedigrees and top dogs in the breed.





Essential reference for Rottweiler care and training. Find out about Rottweiler history, where to find a breeder or other adoption options, and how to show your Rottweiler. Get expert advice on puppy behavior and training, correcting behavior problems, socializing, nutrition and exercise, plus fun activities. Also included is information on health issues such as common illnesses and chronic problems found in the breed.







Contents: introduction to the Rottweiler, the breed Standard, the Rottweiler today, finding a breeder, selecting a puppy and bringing it home, grooming, training, showing, health, the Rottweiler as Support Dogs. Both authors are respected judges, exhibitors and breeders. This would be an excellent book for the new pet owner. Many color photos.







Your Rottweiler's Life

I recommend this book to anyone that is thinking of buying an Rottweiler or to anyone that is new to the breed. I find that the information is up to date, accurate, and very instructive. Ms Dearth gives advice on all aspects of ownership and many humorous insights into the personality of this breed. I sincerely hope that anyone thinking about adding a Rottweiler to their family, will read this book first!







Schutzhund Training

An outstanding analysis of why and how protection, Obedience, and Tracking all play an integral part in Schutzhund training, with emphasis on selecting and raising a dog to suit the owner's needs.





Enjoying Agility

This book is intended for those people--and their dogs--who are interested in dog agility at both the beginning and competitive levels. Julie Daniels provides the reader with a wealth of information on practical and useful training techniques. Lavishly illustrated, this book is a must for anyone who






Step by Step Book About Rottweilers


This rottweiler book contains alot of information and pictures of the Rottweiler. I recommend this book to people interested in the breed, and to people who are serious about getting a Rottweiler for a companion.






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