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Search & Rescue

Kihya Precious Gemstone


Kihya is a certified search and rescue dog in northern California. She is trained in live, cadaver, water rescue and helicopter drops. She found her first cadaver before she was three.

Kihya and her owner/trainer work with the San Mateo police department.

Gemstone Working Rottweilers is very proud of our first Rescue Dog.

I was told she is the only Rottweiler in California to be certified at this time.



By ARDA. Well-trained search dogs are invaluable in saving lives. They have located victims trapped under debris from hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as avalanches, and many lost hikers or otherwise disoriented adults and children owe their lives to search dogs. This book teaches what it takes to train a true canine hero. The emphasis is on handler and unit training, but principles of obedience as well as handler readiness and equipment are explored. There is valuable information on conditioning and first aid for search dogs; also chapters on organizing and carrying out a search.



Written by the American Rescue Dog Association. It's unlikely that many dog owners will have the dedication, resources and stamina to enter search-and-rescue work. On the other hand, the techniques and the case studies here are so interesting that a read will prove rewarding to ordinary trainers and fanciers alike. Discussion begins with a brief history of the American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA), founded in 1972, which provides its services nationally, free of charge--"Can you leave work for two or three days at a time, perhaps several times a month? Can you afford to pay all your own expenses?'' The ARDA's methods, based on dogs' sensitivity to airborne scents (as opposed to traditional tracking) and training methods, are examined in detail, and guidelines are suggested for forming search-and-rescue units. Standards are high for both handlers and animals. Dogs should be double-coated; agile; highly intelligent and trainable; demonstrate scenting ability; be deeply bonded with a handler; and lacking an instinct for hunting--a German shepherd is ideal. Handlers must be strong, stoic, quick-witted and knowledgeable in areas ranging from first aid to lost-person behavior. Dog-world devotees will find this as gripping as any thriller.



Written by Donald C. Cooper (Editor). Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR) is the only resource that covers Search and Rescue Technician (SARTECH) III & II requirements. Providing an overview of all aspects of search and rescue procedures and equipment, FUNSAR teaches the absolutely essential techniques employed by nearly all search and rescue personnel. FUNSAR offers an in-depth and practical approach to search and rescue and is recommended for all emergency responders. Ideal for both paid and unpaid professionals, this resource combines dynamic features with the latest comprehensive content.



Written by Angela Eaton Snovak. Search and rescue dogs are invaluable members of certified rescue teams designated to locate accident victims and lost adults and children in wilderness areas and at disaster scenes. This book presents advice and guidance for rescue dog handlers, with information on how dogs scent, and detailed instruction on training of both dogs and their handlers. The author discusses rescue specialties where dogs are a critical resource in specific circumstances that include avalanche rescue, locating drowning victims, and locating both the living and the dead in the wake of plane crashes, earthquakes, and other calamities.




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